Glutathione May Be Used As A Treatment For Mesothelioma Cancer

Glutathione May Be Used As A Treatment For Mesothelioma Cancer

Mesothelioma cancer is a rapidly spreading form of cancer these days since asbestos (a fire retardant chemical) was being used on things like lead paint, curtains, carpets, and other everyday items. According to some anti aging research, this antiaging antioxidant is being shown to treat mesothelioma cancer effectively. The studies are in their infancy (in our opinions) and it may take a while before we see it as a viable option to treat this dreaded disease.

If you don’t already know, mesothelioma is a cancer that starts in the human heart, linings of the lungs, or the abdominal area of the human body. It can develop quite slowly over the years (even decades) and decrease the glutathione levels in the body over that period of time.

Research has shown that as the body’s levels of the antioxidant are increased either through supplementation, patches, or IV, the mesothelioma cancer starts to weaken or even go into remission.

Since the current treatment for this cancer is hardly any good, glutathione is a promising natural option to fight mesothelioma cancer as well as treat a host of other diseases and extend one’s life for many long, high quality years.

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