Getting Glutathione INJECTIONS

Getting Glutathione INJECTIONS

IVs feed glutathione directly into your bloodstream – totally bypassing the digestive system. It’s a highly effective method to whiten and brighten your skin since you get 100% of the glutathione dose absorbed into your body. For skin whitening, the usual single dose used in IV glutathione is 500 to 600 mg of glutathione combined with Vitamin C to increase efficacy.

The only downside is that you’ll need to get this done by a licensed medical professional, which can be pricey, especially considering that each injection costs around $50 and you’ll need to make about 15 trips to the dermatologist to start seeing results.

But despite the costs, if you want glutathione IVs – make sure you only get them from a reliable, certified medical professional. You might be tempted to seek out cheaper options and there are many of those – online shops selling “injectable glutathione” and non-medical spas offering the same – but there is always that very real danger of fake glutathione and that’s not a risk you should be taking.

Glutathione by itself has no known side effects but there have been devastating cases of people who were injected with fake glutathione so please make sure you are receiving glutathione IVs only from licensed medical professionals.

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