Celebrity Secrets: What Skin Lightener Did Rihanna Use?

Celebrity Secrets: What Skin Lightener Did Rihanna Use?

Before finding out the type of skin lightener Rihanna is using, it should first be clear that she has naturally light skinned compared to the other popular African Americans, like Beyoncé. This is because she is bi-racial. Her mother is Afro-Guyanese, and her father is of Barbadian and Irish descent. With this, Rihanna can easily look white when pictured because of the lights from the flashes of the cameras. Moreover, her makeup can also make her look lighter.

Even though Rihanna herself did not confirm using any skin whitening products, some fans are still convinced she is using skin lighteners. In fact, experts think she is taking glutathione pills to lighten her skin tone.

However, others claim it is the result of skin bleaching. Since there is no confirmation from Rihanna’s side, people who are asking, “What skin lightener did Rihanna use?” are still left hanging for an answer.

If Rihanna is indeed having her skin lightened, then it makes sense to opt for skin bleaching. This is because among the products and treatments available, the most common skin lighteners used by celebrities is skin bleaching. In fact, several personalities have already identified themselves to have undergone the procedure.

Rihanna taking glutathione pills is also not farfetched. The reason is people already know how effective glutathione is when it comes to whitening. People from all around the world are also trying it. Everyone who has taken it was satisfied with the results.

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